About Us:

Nine decades ago on March 26, 1923, Shelby was founded in Shelby, Ohio. Shelby was located on Mack Avenue in a few thousand square feet in The Shelby Electric Lamp Works building, which contained well over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. In the early 1930’s, Shelby relocated to Cleveland in a building on West 117th Street and Madison Avenue. As Shelby grew, the company required additional manufacturing space and in the early 1950’s moved to West 150th Street, across from where the National City Bank’s Operations Center is now located. Shelby rented the building and remained at that location until 1968, when construction of our present Westlake location was completed.

Over the last several years, Shelby has acquired prep, printing, die cutting and gluing equipment to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and to meet our customers’ ever increasing demand for excellent product quality. With the combination of proper equipment, along with a dedicated and experienced staff, Shelby proudly services a growing list of valued customers. The philosophy which has been inherent with Shelby over the years – caring about our customers, employees and suppliers – has served us well and remains a key element in Shelby’s longevity.